Your Skin

Nonconformity against the established and the conventional

Backed by a considerable trajectory, which allows him to talk about paths travelled, stages consummated and consumed, considerable efforts and experimentation, the work of Marc Dufour, always in constant renewal and experimentation and characterized by his non-conformity with the established and the conventional, recovers the human figure for this exhibition at the Museo de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts) in Castellón as if it were a landscape of skin to submerge in and navigate towards new worlds.

Scarce in elements, highly suggestive and carefully put together, they are compositions that teach and speak to us, suggesting many sensations; silence, calm, love, struggle, affection, sensuality, dialogue, passion … and everything modulated by a light and by shadows that the author seeks and finds with great visual agility.

Works that illustrate the meticulousness with which Marc observes, and how he reduces, imprisons or releases it, translating it into a concrete landscape, as a tribute to nature, mother, teacher and an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

A poetry of great sensibility, suggestive, high-flying, beyond fleeting and transient fashions, tragic at times, other times intimate and even provocative, but always coherent and valid, which time has refined, making it more and more exquisite and demanding, advancing towards the depth of the content, towards compositional equilibrium, towards chromatic containment.

The ultimate goal of these works is to convey a deep emotion, intense, perhaps caused by unknown reasons, granting an absolute interpretative freedom to the viewer who can make them his or her own and incorporate them into his or her existence. Photographs capable of suggesting for themselves, independent of the initial will of the author, which give rise to reflection through feeling.

From that reflection, encouraged by creativity, the artist resurfaces and the sample offered here rises, as does a question: before the work of Marc Dufour, can we think that photography is merely a tool to make art?

Ferran Olucha Montins | Germán Ribes
Museo de Bellas Artes de Castellón